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Our Roots

Founded in 2008 by brothers Michael and Sebastian Madej, Greenridge was born from the desire to produce all-natural, artisanal meat and cheeses in a uniquely European style. Inspired by their Polish and Italian roots, Greenridge gets back to basics with high-quality, clean label, deli meats, sausages, and snack sticks that are all-natural, hand-trimmed and naturally smoked.

Our Pride

Handcrafted in Chicago, we celebrate the flavors and culinary traditions of our Polish heritage using artisanal methods and sourcing premium ingredients. Our meat is regionally sourced and our European imported spices are mixed in-house to create unique blends to season each cut of meat that you can count on for impeccable flavor. We take pride in our process and are passionate about delivering the highest quality flavor-forward meats and cheeses to your family table.

Our Mission

Provide premium, natural meats and cheeses that both nourish and taste delicious
Honor tradition through artisanal methods
Inspire communities to gather and connect over exceptional, natural food
Highlight the benefits of clean eating with natural ingredients 
greenridge beef sticks
Exceptional Ingredients

We source our meat, dairy, and spices from the finest purveyors throughout the Midwest and Europe. Fresh Ingredients=Premium Flavor

 All Natural

We keep it simple. Greenridge Naturals products are free of MSG, soy, and gluten, with no added nitrates, nitrites, phosphates, artificial flavors, and colors.

Artisanal Approach

We take our time and savor the moment. We hand trim, slow-marinade and naturally smoke every meat cut in our signature European artisanal method.

The Greenridge Way


What Defines Us​

European Heritage.
Midwest Sensibility.

For over 15 years we have been delivering fresh, handcrafted uncured meats and cheeses to communities, creating connections through food. We have built Greenridge through sourcing the highest quality products regionally. We hand-trim, season, smoke, cook, pack, and ship all of our products in-house at our headquarters in Chicagoland. We take pride in our process and are passionate about delivering the highest quality products to families across the country.

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