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Greenridge Farm is now Greenridge

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We've got a new name, new website, new logo, and new packaging. But, you can count on all of the same great artisan-crafted, hand-trimmed, slow-marinated, and naturally smoked products that you love.

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Meet the New Greenridge

Catch us at the 2023 NACS Show, the ultimate gathering for convenience and fuel retailing. It’s our first time at this annual expo, and you can find us in the New Exhibitor Area (Booth B5107) and the Cool New Products section, where we’ll be showcasing our all-natural uncured meat sticks, deli meats, and sausages. It’s an exciting debut you won’t want to miss!

greenridge sausages include chicken, pork, and beef sausages

Dominate the tailgate

All-Natural Greenridge Sausages

Greenridge sausages are offered in a wide range of flavors, including chicken, pork, and beef. Charred to perfection, any Greenridge sausage you choose will be sure to enshrine you into the tailgating hall of fame.

Naturally Smoked

Greenridge Farm is now Greenridge

We are now Greenridge! Brand new look, the same great taste. We continue to stay committed to sourcing the freshest ingredients and will deliver the same delicious, top-quality meats to you and your family.

European Heritage + Midwest Sensibility

The Tale of Greenridge

Since 2008, we have produced meats and cheeses with artisanal, European-inspired methods. We celebrate the flavors and culinary traditions of our Polish heritage, using premium ingredients including spices that are mixed in-house to create unique blends to season our chicken, ham, turkey, pork, and beef. We take pride in our process and are passionate about delivering all-natural products that taste incredible, so you can be proud to serve Greenridge to your family and community.

Greenridge Recipes

Honey Glazed Ham Canape

20 mins Beginner

Chicken Sausage Bites

25 mins Beginner

Bacon Wrapped Carrots

25 mins Beginner

Deli Meat Roll-ups

25 mins Beginner

Andouille Breakfast Casserole

1 hr 20 mins Intermediate

Christmas Quiche

1 hr 25 mins Intermediate

Beef Stick Fried Rice

30 mins Intermediate

Farmhouse Quiche

2 hrs 3 mins Intermediate

Sausage Ramen Noodles

43 mins Beginner

Nachos Overload

40 mins Beginner

Classic Turkey Sandwich

20 mins Beginner

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