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    Sweet and Hot Stone Ground Mustard

    The perfect mix of sweet and hot! Stone ground mustard seeds, spices and honey are blended together to make this very special German style mustard. Its rich flavor enhances everything from a sandwich to a stir-fry and is a staple at any cook-out!

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    Chipotle Mustard

    You can smell the spicy smokiness of the chipotle peppers as soon as you pop the lid! This mustard is perfect for the chipotle lover’s sandwich or barbeque sauce.

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    Red Jalapeno Mustard

    Greenridge Red Jalapeno Mustard is delicately flavored with ripe red jalepeno, cilantro, and white wine. It is fabulous on cheese, great in sauces and even the perfect addition to adding a little spice to your favorite sandwich!

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    Dijon Mustard

    Our Dijon Mustard is our take on a classic. Both complex and elegant in flavor, our Dijon Mustard has a tangy, sharp and sweet taste with a slight kick of spice. It’s the perfect ingredient for elevating your favorite sandwich, as a base for glaze recipes, or as an accompaniment to your grilling arsenal.

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    Champagne Honey Mustard

    Our popular Champagne Honey Mustard is sweet, zesty, and light, making it great for dipping or as a nice accent to your favorite sandwich. Add it to your charcuterie board, finger sandwiches or elevate lunch with our most popular mustard.

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    Horseradish Mustard

    Packing quite the punch, our secret sauce combines a hearty blend of our horseradish, two types of mustard seeds and some top-secret spices for a truly standout product.

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    Creamy Horseradish

    A time-honored tradition and simply classic, this horseradish sauce is NOT for the faint of heart. It has the sharp heat horseradish fans can’t get enough of and pairs perfectly with our London Broil Roast Beef or as a dipping sauce for our Black Forest Sausages.

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    Organic Mayonnaise

    What’s not to love? Our Organic Mayonnaise is made using only the freshest eggs, for a creamy and rich mayo your sandwich is begging for!
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    Organic Dijon Mustard

    The most versatile mustard of all, our Organic Dijon Mustard is slightly bitter,  yet balanced with a slight sweetness and a subtle acidity. Perfect salads, sandwiches, and all your saucey needs.
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    Organic Spicy Brown Mustard

    Our Organic Spicy Brown Mustard has a savory and spicy kick to it, the perfect condiment to brighten up your sandwich or charcuterie board.
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    Organic Yellow Mustard

    This tangy organic yellow mustard is the perfect condiment for your hot dog or game day brat. A zesty and bright yellow this mustard ketchup’s best friend.
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