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We've got a new name, new website, new logo, and new packaging. But, you can count on all of the same great artisan-crafted, hand-trimmed, slow-marinated, and naturally smoked products that you love.

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  • Deli Meat


    Greenridge Bologna is crafted using traditional European methods with natural ingredients. It’s smoked slowly with hardwood to give it a delicious, smoky taste, making it the perfect addition to any sandwich or charcuterie platter.

  • Bologna

    Beef Bologna

    Greenridge Beef Bologna boasts a delicious, smoky beef flavor. We achieve this delicious taste by using only natural ingredients and traditional European hardwood smoking techniques. The Smoky beef flavor makes it a perfect addition to sandwiches, and charcuterie boards!

  • Bologna

    Garlic Bologna

    Utilizing traditional European techniques and natural ingredients, we carefully infuse our bologna with a rich garlic flavor, enhanced by our hardwood smoking process. Our dedication to quality ensures there are no preservatives making it a great choice for your family!

  • Deli Meat

    Bolo Veal and Pork Bologna

    Greenridge Bolo Veal and Pork Bologna is the real deal, made with a delicious combo of veal and pork. Using traditional techniques, we hardwood smoke our bologna, giving it a delicious smokey flavor. Creating a product we’re proud to share with your family means we prioritize natural ingredients and avoid shortcuts and preservatives.

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