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    Muenster Cheese

    Greenridge Muenster Cheese starts off mild when young and mellows as it ages. The creamy texture and divine flavors pair perfectly with apples and grapes or melted on a panini. Bring out even more of it’s flavor by enjoying Muenster with a cold mug of lager style beer or a glass of aromatic Gewürztraminer in the summer.

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    Mild Cheddar Cheese

    Rich, nutty flavor becomes increasingly sharper with age. Our mild cheddar is smooth yet firm and is a great accompaniment for apples and pears, or on a Turkey sandwich made with our Tacchino Arrosto deli meat. Grab a glass of your favorite red table wine or a pale ale or stout and enjoy!

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    Pepper Jack Cheese

    Colby Jack’s spicy cousin, our Pepper Jack Cheese is perfect in your favorite Mexican dishes like enchiladas or tacos! Made with jalapeno peppers, this cheese will take even a simple grilled cheese to the next level.

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    Provolone Cheese

    This Italian style cheese is mild in flavor and the perfect cheese for an Italian style sub or a gooey grilled cheese.

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    Sharp Cheddar Cheese

    Aged just a bit longer than the mild cheddar, our sharp cheddar cheese is rich and nutty and finished sharp- just the way it should!

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    Colby Jack Cheese

    Greenridge Colby Jack Cheese is a perfect blend of mild Colby and Monterey Jack flavors. This mild cheese pairs well with Malört or Pilsner style beers. A a slice of Swiss Cheese and a slice of Pepper Jack for the perfect grilled cheese sandwich or grated and sprinkled on top of a fresh cold cut salad!

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    Yellow American Cheese

    Indulge in the classic taste of Greenridge Yellow American Cheese – versatile and ideal for sandwiches, burgers, and melting.

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    Swiss Cheese

    Discover the sweet, nutty flavor of Greenridge Baby Swiss Cheese. Its smaller holes and mild taste make it a hit on sandwiches and in salads.

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