Mild Cheddar Cheese

Rich, nutty flavor becomes increasingly sharper with age. Our mild cheddar is smooth yet firm and is a great accompaniment for apples and pears, or on a Turkey sandwich made with our Tacchino Arrosto deli meat. Grab a glass of your favorite red table wine or a pale ale or stout and enjoy!

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Experience the epitome of smooth and subtle flavor with Greenridge Mild Cheddar Cheese. This cheese’s distinct character lies in its balanced taste, making it an ideal option for both snacking and cooking. Its versatility shines as it effortlessly complements a range of culinary endeavors, from topping crackers to enhancing casseroles. The creamy undertones and gentle tang of Mild Cheddar Cheese transform ordinary meals into moments of culinary delight, ensuring it remains a beloved choice for any occasion.

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Mild Cheddar Cheese