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Muenster Cheese

Greenridge Muenster Cheese starts off mild when young and mellows as it ages. The creamy texture and divine flavors pair perfectly with apples and grapes or melted on a panini. Bring out even more of it’s flavor by enjoying Muenster with a cold mug of lager style beer or a glass of aromatic Gewürztraminer in the summer.


Uncover the smooth and tangy allure of Greenridge Muenster Cheese, a delicacy that delivers a unique combination of flavors. Its velvety texture and subtly tangy taste make it a delightful addition to sandwiches, salads, and beyond. Melt it over baked dishes to impart a creamy richness, or enjoy it as a standalone snack paired with fresh fruit and nuts. The versatility of Muenster Cheese shines as it effortlessly adapts to various culinary contexts, bringing a touch of sophistication to every bite.

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Muenster Cheese