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  • Deli Meat

    Polish Brand Smoked Ham

    Greenridge Polish Brand Smoked Ham combines the finest cuts of pork, traditional Polish spices, and our signature hardwood smoking process to deliver a delicious taste of Polish cuisine in every bite.

  • Deli Meat

    Uncured Honey Glazed Ham

    This sweet and savory ham is coated and infused with all-natural brown sugar before being baked to perfection, locking in a delectable and rich honey flavor. One of our sweetest hams, this is the perfect cut of meat for that perfect holiday dinner. Its equally sweet and savory and has a beautiful glaze that tastes just as good as it smells.

  • Deli Meat

    Uncured Oven Roasted Ham

    This Oven Roasted Ham boasts a mild sweetness with a hint of saltiness that comes from a mix of natural seasoning and smoking and is ideal for everyday meals including picnics, brunches and dinners.

  • Deli Meat

    Uncured Tavern Smoked Ham

    This naturally smoked ham rests on two smoking racks to help create its unique shape and robust flavor, perfect for both deli slices and decadent recipes alike.

  • Deli Meat

    Gypsy Ham

    Hardwood smoked and seasoned with a striking spice blend makes our Gypsy Ham appear a rich and deep dark brown on the exterior. It is a tender cut of meat that is both sweet and savory. Perfect for lunchtime sandwiches or warmed up for a crowd.

  • Deli Meat

    Ham With Garlic

    A zesty take on our classic ham, this Ham with Garlic features a bold blend of garlic and European spices to create an indulgent cut of meat. The ham’s natural flavor is complemented by freshly roasted garlic.

  • Deli Meat

    Uncured Black Forest Ham

    Our take on the Classic Black Forest Ham hailing from Germany, this cut of meat is expertly seasoned with a blend of bay leaf, nutmeg and brown sugar, among other spices for a slightly sweet and subtly smokey flavor. Its mild flavor makes it a versatile option for any eater.

  • Deli Meat

    Uncured Applewood Smoked Ham

    Smoked the old-fashioned way with natural Applewood chips, this ham has a delicate flavor profile fit for all palates that is a the perfect balance of sweet and smokey. The smoking process shines through with undertones of apple, and a hint of saltiness.

  • Deli Meat

    Uncured Oven Roasted Ham Off The Bone

    Our Uncured Oven Roasted Ham Off-The-Bone is the perfect blend of smokey, savory, and slightly sweet. Crafted using traditional European methods, this ham is fully cooked, making it easy to reheat in the oven or enjoy cold and sliced. Naturally smoked and free from artificial preservatives, this ham is gluten-free, naturally low-in-sodium, and high protein. Packaged uncut, and completely bone free, you can enjoy it sliced, diced, chopped, or trimmed to your liking.

  • Deli Meat

    Uncured Country Ham

    Slightly sweet, slightly salty, our Uncured Country Ham has hints of garlic and sea salt with a subtle smokey flavor. Perfect for sandwiches, picnics, breakfast and beyond.

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