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Deli Meat

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  • Deli Meat

    Five Pepper Turkey Breast

    Greenridge Five Pepper Turkey Breast is carefully crafted from turkeys raised without antibiotics or added hormones, and free from preservatives. Our bold mix of black, red, chipotle, jalapeño, and bell peppers give it a slight kick, elevating your sandwiches, salads, and wraps to a whole new level and leaving you craving for more.

  • Deli Meat

    Polish Brand Smoked Ham

    Greenridge Polish Brand Smoked Ham combines the finest cuts of pork, traditional Polish spices, and our signature hardwood smoking process to deliver a delicious taste of Polish cuisine in every bite.

  • Deli Meat

    Uncured Oven Roasted Ham

    This Oven Roasted Ham boasts a mild sweetness with a hint of saltiness that comes from a mix of natural seasoning and smoking and is ideal for everyday meals including picnics, brunches and dinners.

  • Deli Meat

    Uncured Tavern Smoked Ham

    This naturally smoked ham rests on two smoking racks to help create its unique shape and robust flavor, perfect for both deli slices and decadent recipes alike.

  • Deli Meat

    Gypsy Ham

    Hardwood smoked and seasoned with a striking spice blend makes our Gypsy Ham appear a rich and deep dark brown on the exterior. It is a tender cut of meat that is both sweet and savory. Perfect for lunchtime sandwiches or warmed up for a crowd.

  • Deli Meat

    Ham With Garlic

    A zesty take on our classic ham, this Ham with Garlic features a bold blend of garlic and European spices to create an indulgent cut of meat. The ham’s natural flavor is complemented by freshly roasted garlic.

  • Deli Meat

    Tacchino Arrosto Oven Roasted Turkey Breast

    Crafted with authentic, artisanal ingredients, the delicious Italian flavor of this whole breast turkey is locked in during the slow oven roasting process. This signature item is naturally low in sodium, 99.5% fat free and our most popular turkey!

  • Deli Meat

    Gourmet Oven Roasted Turkey Breast

    Our Gourmet Oven Roasted Turkey Breast is lightly seasoned and hardwood smoked to create one of our most versatile deli meats.

  • Deli Meat

    Honey Glazed Turkey Breast

    Lightly smoked with a delightful hint of honey, this whole breast turkey meat is slowly roasted to perfection. It’s 52% lower in sodium than USDA data for standard deli turkey breast, while still have a hint of sweetness!

  • Deli Meat

    Hickory Smoked Turkey Breast

    We’re talking real, naturally smoked turkey using authentic hardwood hickory smoke–never liquid smoke. This whole breast turkey is not only delicious, but naturally low in sodium and certified by The American Heart Association.

  • Chicken

    Oven Roasted Chicken Breast

    Greenridge Oven Roasted Chicken Breast is expertly roasted, crafted with quality ingredients and no artificial additives, preservatives, or added hormones. it’s a delicious, and wholesome choice for your sandwiches, salads or snacks!

  • Chicken

    Golden Smoked Chicken Breast

    Greenridge Golden Smoked Chicken Breast is marinated in our special blend of all natural seasonings. Cooked to a golden-brown finish, our Golden Smoked Chicken Breast has a tender and smokey flavor. With no added hormones or preservatives, we’ve created a product that were proud to serve your family and ours.

  • Bologna


    Greenridge Bologna is crafted using traditional European methods with natural ingredients. It’s smoked slowly with hardwood to give it a delicious, smoky taste, making it the perfect addition to any sandwich or charcuterie platter.

  • Bologna

    Beef Bologna

    Greenridge Beef Bologna boasts a delicious, smoky beef flavor. We achieve this delicious taste by using only natural ingredients and traditional European hardwood smoking techniques. The Smoky beef flavor makes it a perfect addition to sandwiches, and charcuterie boards!

  • Bologna

    Garlic Bologna

    Utilizing traditional European techniques and natural ingredients, we carefully infuse our bologna with a rich garlic flavor, enhanced by our hardwood smoking process. Our dedication to quality ensures there are no preservatives making it a great choice for your family!

  • Bologna

    Bolo Veal and Pork Bologna

    Greenridge Bolo Veal and Pork Bologna is the real deal, made with a delicious combo of veal and pork. Using traditional techniques, we hardwood smoke our bologna, giving it a delicious smokey flavor. Creating a product we’re proud to share with your family means we prioritize natural ingredients and avoid shortcuts and preservatives.

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