What’s summer without eating a cool, crisp salad? Greenridge Naturals' BLT Salad is the way to go to satisfy that summer food craving!

BLT Salad

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Prep Time 10 10 mins Total Time 10 mins Difficulty: Beginner Servings: 4


Elevate your summer dining experience with our refreshing BLT Salad, a vibrant medley of flavors that captures the essence of the season. Crispy bacon, ripe tomatoes, and crisp lettuce intertwine in a harmonious dance of textures, while the zesty dressing adds a burst of tangy excitement. This salad not only celebrates the classic flavors of a beloved sandwich but also offers a light and satisfying option perfect for warm days. With every bite, you'll relish the taste of summer and the sheer joy of indulging in a dish that's as delightful as a sun-kissed afternoon.


For the dressing


  1. In a large pan, fry bacon over medium-high heat. Turning frequently until bacon is crispy and crumbles easily.

  2. Combine mayonnaise, milk, garlic powder, salt and pepper in a mixing bowl. Stir until ingredients are smooth.

  3. In a large mixing bowl combine lettuce, tomatoes, bacon crumbles and croutons. Slowly add dressing while mixing until even consistency.

  4. Enjoy!

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