Holiday table decor, with natural florals, candles, linens, glassware and cutlery

The Holidays are a time of joy, warmth, and celebration. One of the main events of this time of year is dinner, where families and friends gather around the table, adorned with decorations and delicious dishes. The holidays will be over before you know it, so this is a perfect opportunity to wow guests with a beautiful, holiday tablescape that will elevate your space and make for a memorable holiday gathering.  


Are you going for winter whites and golds or a more classic red and green? Are you unconventional? Decide what you want and go all in! 

Traditional Christmas: Embrace the classic charm with reds, greens, and golds, accentuated by plaid patterns and pinecones. 

Modern and Minimalist: For a contemporary look, opt for clean lines, monochromatic colors, and minimal decorations. We love a classic winter white theme,that you can use across linens, plates, candles, glasses and more.

Rustic Charm: Invoke a cozy, countryside feel with natural materials like wood, burlap, and muted earthy tones. Forage natural pieces of wood for added accents and textures to your table, tink pine, cedar, and eucalyptus.

Monochromatic holiday table design with white and cream accessories, christmas trees, napkins and silverware


Your holiday table theme and color palette goes hand in hand, so decide which vibe you want and choose your colors accordingly, here some easy and classic pairings.

Classic Red and Green: This timeless palette brings traditional Christmas warmth to your holiday tablescape. You can never go wrong with this classic red & green.

Winter Whites and Metallics: A chic and elegant theme, combining the purity of white with the glamour of gold and silver.

Bold and Bright: Break tradition with vibrant hues like royal blue, purple, and yellow for a lively setting. Jewel tones work exceptionally well with lights and candles.

Wintery greens on top of table with holiday ornaments, decorations and lighting

Shop for the Essentials

Once you have a color scheme or theme in mind, you can start looking for the necessities, including a tablecloth, runner, place settings, napkins and glasses, and silverware. The holidays are the perfect time to create a special festive table with heirloom pieces you don’t use everyday, think your grandmother’s vintage silverware or glass collection You can also include centerpieces like vases, tapered candles, an assortment of bowls, gravy boats, chargers in different shapes and sizes. Have fun with it and use your imagination to create a beautiful and inviting hoilday tablescape.

Table Runners & Linens: Choose linens that complement your theme, whether it’s a luxurious velvet runner for a classic look or a simple cotton cloth for a minimalist setting. Patterns can range from festive prints to subtle stripes, plaids or glitzy golds.

Our favorite Table Runner

Florals & Foliage: Incorporate natural elements like pine, cedar, eucalyptus,  berries, or holly to bring an organic feel. Depending on where you live you can forage branches to create a rustic centerpiece or a dramatic statement with tall vases and blossoming branches. You can also pick a variety of flowers from your favorite florist or grocery store in the same color to create smaller arrangements in bud vases. Using dried flowers and fried fruit like oranges is a great option to add texture and color. Artificial florals and foliage last a lifetime, and you can easily find some great options online. We love these pines and berries.

Pine and pinecones with dried oranges for festive holiday decoration ideas for table and home, interior design ideas for the holidays

DON’t Forget the Details

Lighting: Don’t forget about lighting, we love candles, whether it is narrow and tapered, shallow tea lights or robust hurricanes, there are so many options to add warmth, dimension and light to your holiday tablescape.

Our favorite Tapered Candles + Holders

Our favorite Tea Lights

Our favorite Artificial Candles

candles and natural foliage for holiday table design ideas, natural and festive decorations for the holidays

Place Settings: Arrange your place settings to reflect the overall theme. Adding personal touches like handwritten name cards or small gift boxes can make your guests feel special. To further elevate your settings, include chargers under the plates for an add layer of sophistication and color. Explore different ways to fold napkins or creative place card ideas to add to the table.

Glassware & Cutlery: You can match your glassware and cutlery to the style of your theme, or mix and match. Consider using unique pieces, like vintage glasses or artisanal cutlery, to add character. Did you score a glass set at your local thrift shop? Now is the perfect time to show it off!

Our favorite festive cutlery

Sustainable & Eco Friendly Options: Opt for reusable and recyclable materials. Organic decor like fresh fruits or sustainably sourced wood can be both beautiful and eco-friendly. Foliage like evergreen, holly, mistletoe, poinsettias, and red berries make for great compostable décor that you can often find right in your backyard.

homemade holiday craft ideas, using pines and flowers, DIY for festive christmas and holiday interior design

Incorporating Cultural Elements: More than ever, it’s important to celebrate diversity, especially during festive seasons. Incorporating cultural elements into your table setting can be a wonderful way to honor different traditions, customs, and holidays. Whether it’s through color schemes, patterns, or specific decor items, adding a touch of various cultures can create a truly unique and inclusive atmosphere at your holiday table.

As we wrap up our exploration of Christmas table setting ideas for 2023, remember that the most important aspect is to create a space that feels welcoming and festive. Whether you choose a traditional, modern, or eclectic style, your Christmas table is a reflection of your personal taste and the joy of the season. So, get creative, have fun, and most importantly, enjoy the precious moments with your loved ones around the table.

brightly light holiday table design, simple festive decor idea

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