Savor the Fusion: Irresistible German Bratwurst Meets Delectable Pizza Delights!

German Bratwurst Pizza

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Prep Time 30 30 mins Cook Time 15 15 mins Total Time 45 mins Difficulty: Intermediate Servings: 4


Savor the rich fusion of flavors in our German Bratwurst Pizza, featuring succulent bratwurst, caramelized onions, and melted mozzarella cheese atop a golden crust—a delightful culinary journey that brings the essence of Germany to your plate.



  1. In a large frying pan melt 1 1/2 Tbsp of butter.

  2. Add onions and stir occasionally over medium heat.

  3. Onions will become translucent and then golden brown in color. This can take up to 30 min. depending on the thickness of the onion slices.

  4. Remove onions from pan.

  5. Preheat oven to 400.

  6. Place the Greenridge Farm Bratwursts in the pan with the remaining 1/2 Tbsp of butter. Fry until each side is golden brown.

  7. Carefully place the pizza dough on a cookie sheet.

  8. Arrange the cheese, bratwursts and onions on the pizza dough.

  9. Bake for 12-15 min or until the cheese is melted and starts to brown.

  10. After allowing it to cool, enjoy!!


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